Pick your apps and hit the ground running

Pick your apps and
hit the ground running

We have a suite of premade apps that can be easily configured to work with your business. No time wasted thinking about prompts or configuring customGPTs, just get down to business 😎.

ChatGPT - Unlimited access to GPT-4

App description:

Write copy, write code and work more efficiently. We will configure your ChatGPT app to know the basics of your business so you don't have to keep repeating yourself.

Alternative Models - Mistral and Llama 2.

Take a look into the future and try out some of the most promising new models.

Generate HQ images with DALL-E 3 and Midjourney

App description:

Generate detailed images from a single prompt and use them in your presentations or marketing materials.

Social copywriter - Create social posts that fit your style

App description:

Your own AI social media post creator that has been fine-tuned on the Tone of voice of your business. View demo video.

Company Wiki - Internal AI chatbot for FAQs

App description:

An internal wiki with an AI chatbot to help you quickly find FAQs, like how to request a holiday or where to find the vector files for the logo of the company.

AI Sales assistant - Quickly analyze prospects

App description:

Your personal sales assistant will scrape prospect websites for you and collect important data, like a short company summary, sales opportunities and some quick-wins.

Customer Support AI - Answer customer questions on auto-pilot

App description:

An AI assistant that drafts email responses for you. Trained on your website data and other internal documents. Speed up your customer support with this awesome app.

Website Chatbot - Add an AI powered chatbot to your company website

App description:

Train an AI chatbot on your company data and FAQs to quickly respond to customer data through a chatbox on your website.

OfferMaker - Spend less time on offers & more time closing deals

App description:

We'll train an offer maker co-pilot on your past quotations and allow you to create new offers faster. Spend less time composing offers, less time calculating prices and more time closing deals.

TOV copywriter - Create copy in the tone of voice of your business

App description:

Your own AI copywriting tool that has been fine-tuned on the Tone of voice of your business.

Don't see your dream app? Discover Apps tailored to your business

App description:

Whatever app you want - our team of experts will show you what's possible. Contact us and let's get chatting.



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