Social Copywriter - Short Demo and App overview

Feb 5, 2024

Key benefits

  • Spend no time prompting or fiddling around with generic outputs

  • Just get instant copy suggestions

  • Simple UI/UX for quick iteration to save you time

  • Highly fine-tuned to match your TOV on specific channels

Technical features

  • Write copy for different channels - trained on your tone of voice

  • Chose between different LLMs

  • Give feedback on copy & quickly rewrite

How to get started

Our team will set together with you to collect the right information. We'll collect things like the channels you frequently use, tone of voice guidelines and past posts. We'll use this as the training set to configure your own social app for your business.

After our configuration, you and your team members can play around with the app to see if you like the output - after that, go-live!

Boost your team by adopting AI, the easy way.

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